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What do I need to purchase in addition besides a tattoo machine to start working?

Power supply unit, cartridges and barrier tape.

Are ONYX and DIAMOND tattoo machines equipped with power supply units?

No, power supply unit shall be ordered separately. Any power supply unit for tattoo machines is applicable, i.e. Critical, Cheyenne or Hurricane.

Which connector fits these machines?

RCA – it is included into both ONYX and DIAMOND machine sets.

Which cartridges fit ONYX and DIAMOND machines?

We would definitely recommend Defenderr cartridges. However, any cartridges of Cheyenne, Kwadron or Envy type fit well.

What is voltage range recommended for ONYX and DIAMOND machines?

3.5-7V range is enough for work depending on tattoo technique used and skin area covered.

Why is short stroke recommended?

This method eliminates ink splashing and helps pigment to lie smoothly and evenly.

What is the difference of ONYX and DIAMOND from other short stroke machines?

Universal use, no lateral vibration, steady reliable design, ergonomics, repairability.

What is the difference between ONYX and DIAMOND machines?

They have different technical characteristics (motor power, needle stroke and balance). Short stroke DIAMOND machine provides more precise pixels, smooth lines and solid pigment covering. DIAMOND is perfect for flawless microblading and hair tattoo).

Is it allowed to sterilize these machines in a dry heat cabinet?

No, you can only sterilize untwisted grip in a dry heat autoclave separately. Sterilizing the whole machine leads to motor damage.
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Is there any warranty for ONYX and DIAMOND machines?

Yes, official warranty and maintenance are valid within one year.

How much will it cost to repair damaged machine?

In a warranty case our company provides repairing at our own cost (you are should only pay for delivering machine to our office). In case of expired warranty you pay for repairing yourself. Actual price for repair is calculated after machine is delivered to us and diagnostics is already made.
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Do you deliver abroad?

Yes, we are delivering worldwide via CDEK, EMS and DHL courier services.

What are delivery terms?

Delivery terms depend on your place of residence and are calculated on an individual basis. Approximate transit time is 3-6 days within CIS and 7-14 business days if delivered abroad.
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